It’s a matter of FACT…

Over 3.4 billion people across the globe use the internet with nearly 90 per cent of UK adults logging in online, according to FACT.

As an increasing number of people shop online and the technological world advances, the world wide web is being flooded with counterfeit goods.

FACT, the UK’s leading intellectual property protection organisation, reported that 45.9 million (90 per cent) of UK adults log in online with many becoming victims of fraud.

Counterfeit and pirated products are now worth a huge €338 billion (approximately £300 billion), according to The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

FACT stated on its website that ‘sites selling fake goods often look like the real deal’ due to the money spent on creating a professional website with good quality imagery, which attracts consumers.

Some shoppers are hesitant when buying online as you cannot get a good feel of products however, many of us cannot resist a good deal when we see one and ignore our instincts.

Counterfeit items are often poor quality and unsafe as fake electrical goods are not put through the same safety checks as branded products are, FACT warned. The organisation also said there are risks of personal details being compromised and being used for scams.

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