Fraudsters target eBay buyers with ‘good deals’

Sellers who flog counterfeit products for budget prices have become more savvy and have targeted those who buy from eBay, as they know consumers look for good deals on the site.

Max, who bought Christian Dior’s Eau Savage on eBay, said that he knew his product was fake when he received it due to the cheap scent of the product.

“I felt quite disappointed and angry,” said Max. “These people make their living on selling false products.”

The product cost a total of £30 which, according to Max, was half the price of the recommended retail price at the time. Consumers are trapped into thinking that they are getting a good deal, when in actual fact they’re being conned.

After taking a whole week to get back to Max, the seller refused a refund as the product had been opened even though Max insisted that he knew the product was a counterfeit.

“They said they 100% guarantee that it is a legit fragrance,” said Max. “They failed to settle on an agreement to give me a refund as I had to open the fragrance to smell it.”

Max warned shoppers to always check the reviews before buying as they are a good indication of whether the products are counterfeit, and said “if it’s too good of a price it’s probably too good to be true”.

Max’s Top Tips

  1. Always read the customer reviews to check for positive and negative comments.
  2. Before purchase, make sure you search for online forums – this way you can see if the company is legit.
  3. Be aware of the use of pictures and make sure that they are professional – if it feels a bit dodgy, take precaution.