Buyer shares her story over fake Beats scare

Although many deals look too good to be true, Freya Parr bought a pair of Beats Solo 2 headphones online for a discounted price and found out that they were genuine.

The rose gold headphones cost £129 and £10 for shipping, which is quite a large discount compared with the RRP but Freya was told by professionals that the headphones had been bought and resold.

“If they had been fake I would have felt cheated and upset because it’s social injustice,” said Freya. “It’s horrible to feel conned and told one thing when it’s not. It’s human indecency.”

Before finding out that the product was genuine, Freya contacted the seller who told her that she could return them for a refund but she would have to pay for postage, however after having problems at the post office she decided to get the headphones checked professionally.

According to Freya, she had them checked at both an iStore and an Apple store, who both told her that they are real, however as they were resold she does not have the guarantee from Beats.

Freya said that she has had “no problems with them” but she first thought they would be fake due to how cheap they were, the bad grammar on the website and also because a friend bought from a similar website and ended up with counterfeit Beats.

“The wording on the website was dodgy, the grammar was bad and the writing was bad,” said Freya. “Not everything was spelt correctly and that was a bad sign to me but I didn’t think about it until afterwards.”

Freya’s Top Tips:

  1. Don’t rush into things – always double check the products against other websites. Be 100% sure about where the product is coming from and that it’s real.
  2. Make sure there’s contact details on the website so you can get in touch if necessary – otherwise you could end up with a product but no means of giving it back!
  3. Read the terms and conditions – see if the website has any guarantee for the product and if they are refundable.