Are your Beats Solo 2s fake?

We all know that Beats headphones are slightly pricey, so it’s no surprise that when they go down to exceptional prices it’s worth the buy. However, it’s not worth it if the product is counterfeit. Here’s how to identify if you have fake Beats Solo 2s:

The picture on the fake box is off and looks out of place and the actual colour (for these ones) looks significantly darker. It doesn’t look authentic, as it should. Make sure that the serial number on the box is the same as the one on the headphones.


Upon inspection, the pouch that the headphones arrived in was bad quality. It felt like cheap fabric and the logo didn’t look legit. Another big piece of evidence was that the actual headphones inside of the pouch was in a plastic bag. NOTE: Real Beats Solo’s don’t come in a bag inside the pouch when you buy them. This is a huge indicator.


Marks & Scratches
When the product was first received, some of the rose gold colour had chipped away. If the headphones are not in perfect condition when you buy them, something is not quite right. Make sure you check the headphones don’t have any faults. If you buy from the Apple store direct then you’re guaranteed the real product, but if you buy online be sure to double check.


Sound Quality
The sound quality is likely to be a little off. The music might sound good enough for you to believe they’re real but is not likely to be as good as the real thing. When using the microphone for a phone call, it was not great either. The Bluetooth was not consistent and the music was jumpy. After that, the headphones failed to connect with an iPhone again.

Socket Colour
Once you have high suspicion that the product is fake, you start to notice the little things that aren’t right with it. The socket for the wire was black instead of white and also didn’t have a smooth finish.


Wire Quality
When compared with the real one, the wire felt very lightweight, flimsy and loud. The clicking of the volume button sounded hollow, like the sort of thing you’d buy in the pound shop.

Always make sure you check the website is legit, look out for signs of dodgy deals and if the price seems to good to be true, it probably is. Still unsure? Take it to your local Apple store! They can identify whether they’re fake. Trust me, they’re experts.