Counterfeit GHDs sold at airport

Cassie Riley discovered that the selling of counterfeit goods is not only apparent online when she bought GHD straighteners at an airport in Faro.

She said that she found out they were fake straighteners when she rang GHD to give them a code, which would entitle her to a 2-year warranty. The straighteners cost €110.

“They told me they weren’t real and they weren’t theirs,” said Cassie. “GHD took details on where I got the straighteners from to try to look into how they got them.”

Cassie explained that she felt cheated, angry and ashamed because she had spent the money and trusted that they were genuine. The straighteners worked but “there are stories about fake ones blowing up and exploding, which is scary”.

Directly buying from the brand is the safest way to ensure that you are getting a genuine product, and Cassie said she will only buy GHD straighteners direct and not from places such as a hairdressers or even Amazon.

“I’d rather pay the more expensive price and know that I am getting a genuine product,” said Cassie. “It might be cheaper elsewhere but if it’s fake I’d have to replace it which would be more expensive in the long run.”

According to Cassie, students are likely to be most affected by counterfeit items due to the attractive prices. The cheaper prices are used to make it seem like a good deal, and students will go for it because they want “designer everything” at budget prices.

Many counterfeit items look genuine and therefore it is easy to be tricked by sellers. It’s often the small things that show whether products are real or fake, such as Cassie’s experience with a guarantee code.

“I think they get away with it,” said Cassie. “It’s so difficult to police. These people use multiple contact details, they’re constantly moving around and you can’t always track them.”

Cassie’s Top Tips

  1. Buy direct – this is the best way to ensure you’re getting a 100% genuine product and not a fake.
  2. Read seller reviews – this will tell you what other buyers have thought about the product and their experience with the seller.
  3. Check with your friends – see where they bought theirs from and compare it to other places.