Who Can Help?

When you’re 100% sure you’ve been sold a counterfeit item, there are a few places you can contact to take action or to get advice.

The Bank
Firstly, make sure that you get in touch with your bank and ask for chargeback on the transaction you made on your debit or credit card. The bank can investigate the situation if you file a dispute.

Trading Standards
Trading Standards cannot take any action in regards to getting your money back but they do take action against the seller/website. It looks into criminal activity and can prosecute traders who do not follow the law.

Action Fraud
Action Fraud wants you to report fraud as it wants to help stop cyber crime. It does not deal with the cases but passes the reports on to the Nation Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Action Fraud also offers advice.

Citizens Advice
If you’re unsure what to do, Citizens Advice can help you! It provides advice to everyone about their rights and responsibilities, including what to do if you have been sold counterfeit goods.